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Computer Cabling & Networking Solutions @ Everyday Low Prices!

 ITEM: >   SS-6600-5S > $499.78

5-Bay Hot-Swap eSATA port Multiplier Hard Drive Enclosure for MAC and PC

Color: Silver Size\Length: 270D×147W× Part No.SS-6600-5S

5-Bay Hot-Swap eSATA port Multiplier Hard Drive Enclosure
MAC and Windows Compatible 5-Drive Hot-Swap Hot-Plug Port Mulitplier Technology, Easy One Cable Connection Shows all Five Drives in Your Windows OS or in Your MAC System.

**** Works with Tempo E4P PCI-Express host card and Tempo X4P PCI-X host card 


Huge Storage SS-6600-5S
Five-bay hot-swap Tower features the latest Serial ATA storage technologies and delivers unprecedented performance with cross-platform Macintosh, Linux and PC. Utilizing SiI 3726 a 1-to-5 Serial ATA (SATA) Port Multiplier and backplane to provide a high-performance link between a single SATA host port and five SATA remove-able HDD trays without internal cabling to ensusre a high performance interconnect. Our SS-6600-5S SATA with SiI 3726 supports host and device link rates of 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps with auto-negotiation to choose 1.5 Gbps or 3 Gbps SATA hard drives, therefore all SATA(s) will operate at their optimum transfer rate


Compact and quiet design

The SS-6600-5S chassis features an attractive design made from brushed & anodized extruded aluminum to keep weight at a minimum while maintaining structural rigidity. It includes a built-in server-class universal power supply and offers a special Heat Management System to ensure hard drives are kept cool & reliable while keeping noise to a minimum. The Heat Management System provides superior airflow throughout the chassis, from special holes in the tray handles to the perforations in the trays themselves, and utilizes whisper quiet Tri-fans and special warning indicators. In the unlikely event a fan fails or temperatures become too extreme, fan or temperature LEDs will light and a "muteable" audible alert will warn the user. 

Regardless is the materials corporate internal server or mass materials of image edit, you are always expect the fastest read/access and replace the hard disk.   ST6600-5S-S2 lets your dream come true. 

Serverfs Storage Center
Is a hard disk enough to bear? There is a lot of department in one company and incoming and outgoing systematic information is increasing daily. Are RD and engineering materials that rest assured with other shared file? ST6600-5S-S2 utilizes different hard disks to separate different materials areas interior. 
Transmitted by SATA II, the limit of reading and writing still represent as a single hard disk of five hard disks. Due to each department uses different storage hard disks which accelerate the whole speed of the server especially.

Multimedia Image Film Editing
Regardless you are a specialized multimedia film editing expert or an amateur of family photograph. You are very clear, one hour film editing (the capacity of 4GB) that often takes several hours or dozen hours by video recording material. How do you face several hundred G materials demand that must be dealt with at the same time? ST6600-5S-S2 utilizes SATA II interface transferring, the transmission speed exceeds FireWire800 which suitable for making the image storage. 
Design through the hot swap of ST6600-5S-S2, even under online status that still can replace hard disk among them. It is coming to an end synthetically of every stage when most suitable for an image editing and change to next to make video recording source. Efficiency, simply and multiple functions that ST6600-5S-S2 brings, the intention not only accelerate your originality is realized but also save a large amount of time and equipment. 

 Specification Model No ST6600-5S-S2
Host Interface eSATA port (conform to SATA !U300MB/s)
HDD Interface 3.5" SATA !T/ SATA !Uhard disk 
Chipset Silicon Image 3726 
HDD Quantity 5  
Fan 2 of 60mm x 60mm x 15mm ball bearing fan 
Power Supply Input?FAC 100?`240V     Output?F200W 
Material Aluminum Alloy 
Dimension 177Wx270Lx180H mm 
Weight 4 kg 
Attachment Power cord, eSATA cable, keylock,, accessories bag 

More Pictures:   View More Item Images FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!  
DRIVERS:  GET PRODUCT DRIVERS FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!   More Spec's:  GET More Specifications FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!   ITEM FAQ's:  GET PRODUCT MANUAL and/Or PDF FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!   Video:  View Video File FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!   Audio:  Listen to Sales-Pitch File FOR SS-6600-5S if Available!  
Compatibility:  ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with OPERATING SYSTEM
Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher    Item Works with Windows ME  Item Works with Windows 2000  Item Works with Windows XP    Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher 
TECH NOTES: MAC and Windows Compatible 5-Drive Hot-Swap Hot-Plug Port Mulitplier Technology, Easy One Cable Connection Shows all Five Drives in Your Windows OS or in Your MAC System.
Manufacturer: COOLGEAR
Warranty: One Year
In-stock: Yes
PART NO: SS-6600-5S
Size\Length: 270D×147W×
Color: Silver
Our Low Price $499.78    Quantity Discount: 6 + $489.78 12 + $478.12
Quantity:      ITEM AVAILABLE TO SHIP SAME DAY!   We Accept Visa Master Card And American Express as Well as Purchase Orders!
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