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FirewireGear Home > HELP Support & Policy Page

CoolGear Help Center
Welcome to the CoolGear help center, we know sometimes issues arise that are beyond both our control.

If you are concerned about the security policies we have in place look no further then, click here.

If you need to make a return you will need to apply for an RMA number. Please follow this link for the RMA application form, click here.
Phone Orders
Unfortuently at this time we can not accept orders over the phone. We are a 100% Web enabled company and do not have the resources in place to accept orders through the telephone. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ON THE SITE, THIS INCLUDES PURCHASE ORDERS!
Product Availability
Although our system currently displays the status of items, (i.e. In-Stock, Out of Stock) you can always use this handy form to drop us an e-mail to see if it is in stock, click here.
International Orders
Order Confirmation
Every Order placed at recieves a order confirmation by e-mail. It is crucial that you first give us a valid e-mail and secondly that you check it. In order for us to track your order and help you with any questions you may have we will need the order number that is located in that e-mail.
Shipping Costs and information
Shipping Options are available during checkout. However we do accomodate special shipping requests, contact us at 1-888-688-2188.
Pricing Policy
View our current pricing policy, click here.
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.
I Still Need Help
We understand, we couldnt possibly fit all your possible questions on one page. Please use this simple form if you have any other questions, click here.
Urgent Help
In case you have a severe emergengy you may contact our hotline at 1-888-850-9543. Please have your Order Number handy, it is required to continue.

Need Help Form
Sometimes you want your product in a flash, and you just want to verify that a product is in stock. Use the form below and we will tell you, promise.
Order Number
If you have a question about a particular order it will greatly speed up your help response if you provide us with a Order Number.
First Name
Last Name
E-Mail Address
Question is about?
Please be as detailed as possible with your request, it will only help us to solve your issue faster.